Episode 11 - Truth, Birth Control, Fired for Menstrual Blood, Rape by Cop, and Henrietta Lacks


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This week, we (and our special guest!) talk about the importance of telling the truth (take note, 45), 45 wanting to roll back the birth control mandate, a woman who was fired for leaking menstrual blood, an 11-minute vaginal search by a Texas cop, and woman of the week Henrietta Lacks.


Birth Control

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Fired for Menstrual Blood

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USA Today
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Rape by Cop and What to Do If You're Stopped by the Police

Huffington Post
The Guardian
ACLU of Maryland


52 Women Hosts: Elissa Blattman, Elissa Balsley, and Jennie Rose D'Elia-Dufour
Special Guest: Amanda Turney
Edited By: Elissa Blattman