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But How Do We "DO" Racial Justice?- National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women


The Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance has been striving to conduct its work from a racial justice lens for more than 15 years, and has been evolving its practices as it learns.  Action Alliance staff member Kate McCord will describe the catalyst to this work and offer specific examples of how the Action Alliance’s racial justice lens is reflected in its internal policies and external practices.  Kate will share specific examples of how values of racial equity and inclusion are reflected in Action Alliance internal policies, such as through personnel policies, staff development and governance and decision-making.  Kate will also describe the Action Alliance’s outward-facing work to name and dismantle systemic racial oppression and white supremacy via its communications, policy, technical assistance, training, prevention, and awareness, and will highlight lessons learned in the process. 



Kate McCord is the Movement Strategy and Communications Director with Virginia’s dual coalition, the Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance.  Kate has been working on building and promoting racial justice since being introduced to the realities of white privilege and racial oppression 17 years ago through coalition work.  Her white ally/comrade efforts have been channeled into a variety of racial justice initiatives over the years, including establishing an affordable housing campaign, participating in a statewide campaign to document racial profiling by law enforcement, developing racial justice learning resources as part of the coalition’s Racial Justice Task Force, and parenting some awesome kids to grow into active anti-racists.  In 2007, Kate was honored with the Social Change Award for proactive leadership in promoting anti-racism work by the Women of Color Caucus of the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance.  In her current role at the Action Alliance, Kate shapes the coalition’s communications strategies and works to mobilize groups with similar dreams to coalesce and build power.



Anyone interested in learning more about how what one joint DV and SA coalition has done to centralize racial justice in their work and activities will benefit from this webinar.  This may include community- and system-based advocates, criminal justice professionals, and other practitioners.


REGISTRATION DETAILS:  This webinar is open to OVW and FVPSA Grantees and to the general public.

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The webinar is free of charge (but you will have to pay for the phone call if you dial in).

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