Action Alert: Call Larry Hogan re:Campus Sexual Assault

MCNOW Action Alert Logo.JPG

Betsy DeVos is rolling back campus sexual assault protections, and we need to put immediate pressure on Governor Hogan, to be sure he knows that women in Maryland won't stand for it.

Call Governor Hogan, today. Below, is a sample script for your call, should you need one:

As a Maryland voter, I demand a statement, from Governor Hogan, saying that students at all Maryland state colleges, universities, and other schools affected by the Secretary of Education's, and Trump-Pence administration's interim guidelines on campus sexual assault, will receive justice when they are brave enough to come forward to report a crime. As a member of the National Organization for Women, an organization committed to ending violence against women, I will not vote for any candidate, including yourself, who does not support survivors of sexual assault. 

Governor Hogan's office phone numbers:
(410) 974-3901
(800) 811-8336