Episode 33 - Lobby Day, Larry Nassar, Local Candidate Forum, and Gwendolyn Brooks

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This week on 52 Women, we talk about a Moms Demand Action Lobby Day we attended, the conviction of Larry Nassar, a local candidate forum, and woman of the week Gwendolyn Brooks.


Moms Demand Action Lobby Day


MD Bill to Terminate the Parental Rights of Rapists

The Washington Post

Larry Nassar

The New York Times
Chicago Tribune
The Hill

Octavia Spencer and Jessica Chastain

Los Angeles Times
Wear Your Voice

Gwendolyn Brooks

State of Illinois
Poetry Foundation


52 Women Hosts: Elissa Blattman, Elissa Balsley, and Jennie Rose D'Elia-Dufour
Edited By: Elissa Blattman